All Stars Vip Released

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All Stars Vip Released

Post  Zero on Fri Nov 13, 2009 10:24 am

All Stars Vip Release Has:
=Direct 3D
-Chams Color 1
-Chams Color 2
-Wall Chams
-Asus WallHack
-No Fog
-Full Bright

-Enemy Only

=Esp & Info
-Name Esp
-Health Esp
-Box Esp
-Ip Esp Weapon Esp
-Old Name Esp
-Old Health Esp

=Px Items
-Sp up
-Extra clip 1
-Extra clip 2
-Compressed Bandage
-Premium Croshair
-Sniper Zoom

=Player Hacks
-Player Speed
-Roll Speed Oxygen
-No Fall-Damage
-No Spawn-Wait
-No Bounds
-No Water
-Walk Through Walls
-Shoot Through Walls
-Anti Flash/m14
-Fast Plant
-Fast Defuse
-Fast Flag
-Fast Ammo
-Fast Health
-Fast Repair
-Walk Under Water
-CQC prone

=User Hacks
-Select User
-Follow Player
-One Position Kill
-Sniper Vantage Point

=Weapon Hacks
-No Recoil
-No Spread
-No Delay
-Super No spread
-Wini Spread
-No Restriction
-Memory Crosshair

=Vehicle Hacks
-Vehicle invisible
-Super jump
-Crazy Vehicle
-No Damage vehicle

=Server Hacks
-No Room Restriction
-Slot 5
-Slot 6
-Slot 7
-Slot 8


=Other Hacks
-Panic key

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